Monday, January 12, 2009

Introducing the Jobs Across Canada Blog

In general the Jobs across Canada blog lists: permanent, temporary, contract, professional, administration, technical jobs or internship work experience.

The job information includes: work visas, job openings, work permits, medical criteria, language proficiency, employment standards, education requirements, work experience requirements, job skills, job duties and responsibilities.

We like to include work experience and educational and training positions that are available for initial or re-training individuals interested in specific careers or skills.

Recent post on the Jobs Across Canada Blog

If you're looking to start a challenging and interesting career as a Nova Scotia boatbuilder, contact our Training Coordinator.

The Training Coordinator will help you find boatyards who are looking for employees. Once you find employment your first responsibility will always be to your new employer. As an employee of the boatyard, you will be responsible for getting your work done on time and to company standards.

Once you have been employed for a minimum of three months, a representative from the NSBA Training Department and the NS Department of Labour and Workforce Development - Apprenticeship Training & Skills Development Division will be registering you as an Apprentice.

During these initial visits, the apprenticeship program will be explained to you and you will receive a NS Boat Builder Apprenticeship Logbook. Each Logbook contains the Certification Pathways Assessment Results Sheets and Evidence of Competency Sheets.

For each unit outlined in the pathways, there is a workbook. You will be required to purchase these workbooks at a cost of $45 plus GST each. You will use the Evidence of Competency sheets to record your progress of learning for each skill set. Each time you feel that you're learning a new skill, and can perform this task competently and consistently, ask your Mentor to check your work. If he or she is satisfied, they will record this in your Logbook.

A representative from the NSBA Training Department will visit you and all the other Apprentices quarterly to review your progress. It is up to YOU, the Apprentice, to track your progress and learn new skills. The Registered Mentors are there to help train you, and the Training Coordinator is there to offer support, but it is YOUR responsibility to keep track of your progress - and learn new skills.

If you are interested in receiving your Nova Scotia Boat Builder Certificate of Qualification and becoming a Certified Journeyperson, please contact either Chip Dickison or Chantel at 902-423-2378 for more information.

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