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Immigration in Canada

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Immigration in Canada is an information blog that will cover immigration topics, provide web resources information articles, how to immigrate tips, who to contact, what to prepare, how to start, what to expect, English language training requirements and job training and how to get a job as an immigrant in Canada.

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Living in Canada

A prosperous diverse economy, free medical services, low crime rate and democratic system based on the right to vote to all adults make Canada one of the most favoured countries in the world for immigration.

People from all over the world migrate to Canada to live a peaceful life.

Canada is a huge country, occupies more than 40% of Northern America and still only has 31,000,000 people living there.

Canada is divided into 10 provinces and three territories has a Constitutional Monarchy and is part of the British Commonwealth of Nations with an elected federal system of parliamentary government. The head of the federal government is the Prime Minister and the head of the provinces are titled premiers. The Queen's representative in Federal parliament is the Governor General.

English and French are the two official languages in Canada. All Federal government institutions, banks, and other national organizations use both official languages in their communication. Many organizationa also make information available in up to 20 languages to assist travelers and visitors to Canada.

Most of the immigrants choose to live in one of the three biggest Canadian cities: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Some of the newcomers prefer to live in smaller communities and pick Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Windsor, Ottawa, London, Halifax, Kitchener, Kingston, Fredriction, Charlottetown, St John and St. John's.

Depending on the skills and the work experience of the newcomers, some cities specific resource based jobs, technology based jobs, information based jobs or finance based jobs.

Canada is a wonderful country to live, work and visit. Come and visit our ESL in Canada Directory at .

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