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Students for Literacy Ottawa

Students for Literacy Ottawa

We are a volunteer group, established in 1994. We have a student club at Carleton and U Ottawa as well as community volunteers. We run free reading circles and after-school programs for children.

Students for Literacy in Ottawa is a local chapter of Frontier College. Currently we work with children and youth in the Ottawa area who have a high need of help with their reading and writing.

We believe that literacy is a right and we work towards achieving literacy for all.

Recent Post:

Be a Labourer-Teacher!


Number of Positions Available: Approximately 35

The Job:
Labourer-Teachers work as paid manual labourers during the day on farms across Canada. In addition to this physical work, they volunteer their time to provide educational and recreational opportunities for their co-workers who are predominantly migrant farm workers from Mexico and the Caribbean.

Work Period:
Mainly summer (May to Labour Day). Positions also available in the fall. The hours are long: in peak season often 12 hours per day, 6-7 days per week.

Generally minimum wage. The Labourer-Teacher Program assists participants with travel costs. Housing is provided.

Rural workplaces, predominantly farms, in Ontario. Labourer-teachers
usually live onsite.

Suggested Qualifications:

• some post-secondary education
• experience with community development and volunteer organizations
• teaching/tutoring experience
• physical fitness
• background in physical labour/relevant physical pursuits
• ability to live and work closely with others, especially in multicultural settings
• knowledge of Spanish, French or other languages (helpful in most positions, but not mandatory)
• excellent judgement and interpersonal skills; high level of maturity
• demonstrated ability to work to high standards unsupervised and to take initiative

What You Get From This Program:

• Hard work, low pay, and the experience of a lifetime!
• intensive pre-placement training
• support during the placement
• new skills, and the chance to be a part of our second century of service

Labourer-Teacher Program, Frontier College
Mail: 35 Jackes Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4T 1E2
Fax: 416-323-3522

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Check out their site - they have excellent literacy resources


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