Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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BC ESL School Scams continue without Regulations

I was hoping that life would be better in BC - but that will not happen.

The notorious international school scam artists that are defrauding thousands of international students and providing Canada with the worst international criminal reputation will be allowed to continue.

BC's Advanced Education Minister Murray Coell had the opportunity to create
mandatory quality-assurance programs and the re-regulation of English as a Second Language (ESL) schools and he failed to deliver anything of value.

Of course the BC politicians are using excuses - it will be difficult to write regulations - it creates competitive dis-advantages for the ESL schools - we need more inspectors - there are only a few bad apples in the industry.

What the BC politicians are not telling the BC voters is that the illegal ESL school operators are acting as visa mills for illegal workers. By the way have you ever heard of the sex trade or human trafficing. There are rumours that some are selling fake Canadian University degrees and some are fronts for money laundering. We get complaints about the small petty criminals that just do not pay their Canadian teachers, their Canadian homestay fees, do not pay Canadian taxes etc. etc..

What is even worse is that many students have their registration and tuition money stolen before they even get to Canada. Many students that get to Canada and are ripped off do not complain because they do not speak English, are afraid of the police and they have been threatened by the criminals.

The BC politicians know that the international ESL student complaints are like the iceberg with 95% of them hidden and never seen. It really looks like the BC politicians have done nothing to help the international ESL students because they are not BC voters and after they had their money stolen they do not have money. When have you ever seen a BC politician help someone that is not a voter and has no money?

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