Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Introducing the How 2 Retire Early Blog

How 2 retire Early

The How 2 Retire Early blog will provide the results of our life experiences, work explorations and discoveries, compare and contrast our investment results, provide saving tips, retirement comments, opinions, observations and useful suggestions.

The Welcome Letter:

Early retirement is a hot button for the vast majority of working adults.

The concept of not working is pure fantasy for working adults slugging out a salary in the harsh pits of employment. Working with stress, demeaning behaviours, unhealthy dangerous or physically punishing jobs will motivate all sane people to try to leave early.

For those who love their job, get up early and work late, are constantly rewarded and appreciated for their contributions and efforts, the concept of early retirement never enters their thinking.

Standard saving and planning for early retirement as promoted by the banks, insurance companies, investment managers, pension trustees and retirement planners all seems to be the same. You do without part of your money for forty years and trust that there is something left for you at age 55, 60 or 65. (Just ask the retirees who had to get their money in 1978, 1987, 2001, or 2008 what they think)

Just ask many who are retiring early what they will do? Their answers will surprise you. Usually they are even more busy than when they are working. Early retirement is just a job change for these individuals.

To me renovating the house, building a cottage, putting in a greenhouse garden, completing a university degree or writing a book is starting a new job.

To me leaving work because of injury, accident, heart attack, stroke, dementia, cancer, a host of other work ending events, damages or conditions this is not really early retirement it is convalescence and recovery.

To me the statement "How to retire early" has to be expanded or changed into something like early retirement lifestyle changes or something like early retirement leisure and income activities.

We have lots of time to explore the early retirement concepts and procedures.

Come back often.


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